Monday, December 5, 2011

crazy life. puppy lovin'.

Life has been super crazy lately! At least, that's how it feels. Rob and I have both been really busy with school and work (some big events going on this week!). All that to say, there hasn't been much time to give the blog any attention! But, here we are today: thankful that Rob just finished taking his final exam (confirmed via text 30 seconds ago! It's Christmas Break!) and I finished my class last week and have the next month off from school.

To celebrate, here's a ridiculous video of Beacon that I took while trying to eat supper tonight! He is teething so he has a sock with ice in it to chew on. Apparently, it was more fun used in a different manner. And clearly, you will see that he does not know how to sit still. (Also, please excuse the awkward camera handling.) The strange noises in the background are from this equally crazy video made by some Kuyper students!

You'd think he'd give himself whiplash or something!
We hope that even in your busiest moments you still find ways to laugh and enjoy the little things around you!


  1. So cute! :) Since you have the next month off from school... You, me and Annie should all do dinner or something :)

  2. Such a silly puppy. It would feel much better to chew on it. I think he is going to get a headache!