Tuesday, November 15, 2011

baby brother.

I've spent the past four days quietly reflecting on what life would be like if Kyle David lived longer than he did. Sometimes I'm not sure I could have handled two little brothers. Other times I've wondered if I would have the same friends I do now or if he would have been friends with them instead. I've wondered who he would be more like. Would he like golf? Play the piano? What would he be studying in college?

Then my attention turns and I remember that it's not up to me to decide all of that. God is the giver of life and what he gives, he also has power to take away. It's up to us to be thankful for it all no matter what the situation. So, today I'll be thankful for Kyle's short time on earth - for the smiles I'm sure he gave my two-year old self; I'll be thankful that he's worshiping Jesus even in this very moment; and I'll be thankful for the way he causes me to think about how small life is and how big God's sovereignty is - especially on these few days every year in mid-November.

Kyle David Vander Heide  |  November 11-14, 1989

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