Monday, December 19, 2011

two years.

Today Rob and I celebrate two years of marriage. On December 19, 2009, I was fairly certain that I could never be more in love than I was standing in my wedding dress, saying "I do" to my best friend. Well, I'm here to testify that I was wrong. Today, December 19, 2011, I am more in love than I was on our wedding day. I think it's because I know just a little bit more about what love really means (and still have a lot to learn). Two years have flown by and I can only imagine that it just keeps getting better and better...

All photo credits to LVL Photography

I'm am so thankful for the wonderful gift God gave me in Rob. We've accomplished a lot in two years: we both got new jobs that we love, we bought our first house, we got a dog, we've both started Masters programs, we've discovered lots of dreams and faced some tough stuff too, but we get more and more excited with every passing day for all that is to come in the years ahead. Every day there are more smiles and tears and laughter and areas to grow...but, I'm so blessed to have my best friend to share it all with. 

Here's to Year 3.


  1. Looking at these pictures brought such joy to my heart. So blessed by you two and the love you share with each other. So thankful to be part of that day and a part of the last two years.

    Love. Always.


  2. Blessings! Two years ago my mom had brain surgery to repair an aneurysm, and now I've forgotten how to spell aneurysm!

    Two years is a great milestone for marriage! May God continue to bless you and Rob as you seek His will and follow His lead! I'm so thankful that I still get to see you regularly!