Thursday, June 16, 2011

library nerd.

I am a library nerd.

It's ok. I will admit it. I think I always knew that I was a library nerd at heart. I spent two years in high school working in the public library in Jenison. And despite the fact that I despised shelf reading, I loved working at the library. When I went on to study at Kuyper College, I spent my freshman year working in the Zondervan Library on campus. I loved that too. There's just something about being surrounded by shelves and shelves of books.

But, tonight is when I really knew that it's true.

I haven't been to the public library in a couple of years - probably more like four years. Something about college and required reading does that to you. Since graduation, the books I acquired during my undergrad (and never had time to read) and the church library have held me over just fine. Until tonight.

Tonight I went to the Grand Rapids Public Library, West Side Branch. I had never been there before so when I walked in, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, as soon as I walked in and saw all those books and smelled that distinct library smell, the biggest, geekiest, ear-to-ear grin overtook my face (and I knew it and I still couldn't stop smiling) and that's when I knew. I am a library nerd. I love libraries. Why has it been 4 years since I've been to one!?

The West Side Branch isn't a large library by any means but I still walked up and down every aisle (and smiled the whole time) and they had the book I was looking for and the lady at the desk was kind enough to inform me that I have a 60 cent fine on my card at the Georgetown location (from when?! 2005?). 

Best of all, I got my very own GRPL Library Card. Wahoo!

So much cooler looking than my old Georgetown Library card.
And there's even a little one for my key ring!
Now I can go to the library whenever I want and I can check out books whenever I want. (And I'll have to remember library book due dates. Yikes.) I can only imagine the smile I'll have when I walk in the Main Branch downtown sometime soon! (And then I'll start classes again in August and all this joy will quickly come to a halt. Boo.)

In other news, I signed up on BookSneeze tonight! So as soon as I select my first book, receive it in the mail, and find time to read it - you can expect to see a 200 word book review from me on the blog. Best part about it? I get to keep the book I choose to review! Thanks to Annie for the suggestion!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Rob and I had another opportunity to go camping this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't much better than it was when we were camping a couple of weekends ago. Fortunately, we did see some sun and I have the sunburn to prove it! I don't know about for Rob, but this weekend of camping did cause me to think back to the 3:30am phone call we received during our last camping adventure. It's hard to believe that it's only [already] been two weeks since Darcy passed away. I can't decide if it seems like forever ago or like yesterday.

Thankfully, this weekend was a bit more celebratory! Not for any particular reason - if only because this is year 11 or 12 or 13 or something equally outrageous that my family has camped together with 5 other families. As Rob and I sat around the fire on Friday night, I leaned over and said to him, "Wow, things sure are different than they were way back then." I commented on the fact that it was 10:30pm and not long ago, half of the group would have already been asleep due to having a bedtime, some of the people around the fire wouldn't have even been there (but I'm thankful they are now!) due to recent weddings, and the 4 or 5 kids drinking Dr. Pepper (cans handed out by one of the parents, nonetheless!) just before 11pm certainly wouldn't have been happening either! 

But, aside from all of that, and aside from the fact that the group was significantly smaller this year due to lots of the kids having to work or having other plans, there's something about tradition and faithfulness and good friends. There's something really good about it. And I am thankful.

The weather was cool and windy most of the time, except for Friday afternoon- which I spent reading in the sun - and Sunday just before we left. So, all that to say, there was a lot of sitting around the fire and not much picture taking. In fact, I have a grand total of 4 pictures from the weekend...and one of them was actually taken when we got home. Oops. 

My dad and brother on Sunday morning: watching the ladies (and Rob) do the packing, if I remember correctly.
Rachel showing off her mad tennis skills on Friday night.
Bright blue skies, deep blue water, and sunshine...on Sunday afternoon as we drove out of the campground to go home.

Home Sweet Home - with a carload of camping gear to unload.
Sunburned, sleepy and ready for a shower. Isn't that what camping is all about?

I may only have 4 pictures and maybe we haven't taken a "kid picture" in 3 years due to the fact that 16+ of us kids are never there at the same time - or at all - anymore, but that doesn't mean it's a weekend that we don't look forward to year after year after year. So thankful for family and friend traditions. And for a husband who loves to enjoy them with me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It seems like spring might have finally arrived on the northwest side at the Bergman house. We've had some beautiful weather the past couple of days and hopefully it's here to stay! Our yard has been loving the mix of rain and gorgeous sunshine that we've been enjoying as well.

I love the way LIFE is blooming up all around the place we call home.

The grass seed we planted is finally coming up: bold and full and beautiful!
(And so much nicer to walk on than the weeds that were originally in its place.)

The hanging basket we planted at Koetsiers Greenhouse in March started as 6 little plugs and is now in full bloom
(and huge! the picture only shows maybe a fourth of the entire basket!)
and the gladiolus bulbs that I planted in front of our bedroom window are sprouting too!

We also planted some sort of lily bulb near our front porch. 3 of the 4 bulbs have sprouted - I can't wait to see what color the flowers end up being! And the poppy plants (also from Koetsier's) just opened up their flowers today!

Our garden is in full bloom too. Well, most of it is at least. So far our potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers and variety of herbs seem to be doing quite well! Hopefully they continue to grow. I see fresh food ahead!

We're looking forward to the coming months of warm weather and opportunities to be outside. We've been so thankful for the nice weather - especially these last couple of days as we face visitation and the funeral tomorrow and Friday. The sunshine helps warm up the cold places, inside and out. But, aside from that, we're thankful for the changing seasons and the way the new life in our yard reminds us of our new life in Christ and the fact that everything - you, me, and even the potato sprouts in our garden - belong to Him.

It may be an old hymn, but take the time to read the words. God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father's world and to my listening ears
all nature sings and 'round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world: I rest me in the thought of rocks and trees,
of skies and seas; his hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world, the birds their carols raise,
the morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker's praise.
This is my Father's world: He shines in all that's fair;
in the rustling grass I hear Him pass; He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world. O let me ne'er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father's world: why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King! Let the heavens ring!
God reigns, let the earth be glad!