Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today, I am thankful for...

1. My Husband
     Who sang to me to wake me up this morning and let me open birthday presents in my robe and slippers.
2. Mr. Beacon Puppy
     Because he loves to snuggle on my lap in the morning and play Frisbee with me at night.
3. Seattle's Best Coffee
     Speaking of which, I'm going to go brew a fresh pot now.
4. My Parents
     Who celebrate me every day and who have loved me since before my birthdays even began.
5. My Siblings
     Because they know how to play "catch with a wettie" and make me laugh until I cry.
6. My In-Laws
     Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters - because they make me feel like I've always belonged.
7. Our Warm House
     A roof over my head is a gift on a cold, windy day like today. I can't believe we've been here for a year.
8. M&M Cookies 
     ...for breakfast. Yup, I just did that.
9. Friends
     Because whether they are old or new, near or far, they have made the last 24 years worth celebrating.  
10. Blogs
       Let's be honest, I just love reading about other people's lives...speaking of which, YoungHouseLove probably has a new post up by now.
11. Middle School Youth Group
       Small Group Night last night = 5 awesome girls, painting pumpkins, and a dance party. Win.
12. Intentional Communities
       ...and Rockford Reformed Church, in general. Thankful to be a part of a small group and a caring church family.
13. My Jobs
       So many people go without and yet I have two.
14. The Bible
       Which teaches me that even though the rain may fall, God will never use it to destroy the earth again.
15. Dog Training
       Because without it, I don't know if we would have ever taught Beacon to sit.
16. School (and Homework?)
       Even though it keeps us busy, I'm thankful for the opportunity Rob and I both have to get an education in fields we are passionate about.
17. Free Things
       Like a free birthday dinner at Ruby Tuesday and buy one, get one free birthday coupons for Cold Stone!
18. My Car
       Because Brett had to bike a mile across campus in the rain yesterday to get to class. Yuck.
19. Laughter
       There's nothing like laughing until the tears run down your face. Thankful that it happens to me often.
20. Electricity
       ...and the fact that we still have power, even though 5 Consumer's Energy trucks just drove down our road.
21. A Cold Coca-Cola
       Yum. Already know that's what's going to get me through writing a paper this afternoon.
22. Singing Along to the Radio
       We can meet God anywhere and worship in any way (even if people look at me strange as they drive by).
23. Date Night
       One night a week, just me and my boyfriend (and that my birthday fell on date night this week!).
24. The Reality of Life Everlasting
        Death, crime, pain, tears, and sickness seem more prevalent then ever recently. Thankful that this is not my forever home.

...and to God, who has - for now - blessed me with all these things...and another year to enjoy them.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

not home yet.

We have a hope and a future.

So thankful that He has already WON.