Thursday, June 16, 2011

library nerd.

I am a library nerd.

It's ok. I will admit it. I think I always knew that I was a library nerd at heart. I spent two years in high school working in the public library in Jenison. And despite the fact that I despised shelf reading, I loved working at the library. When I went on to study at Kuyper College, I spent my freshman year working in the Zondervan Library on campus. I loved that too. There's just something about being surrounded by shelves and shelves of books.

But, tonight is when I really knew that it's true.

I haven't been to the public library in a couple of years - probably more like four years. Something about college and required reading does that to you. Since graduation, the books I acquired during my undergrad (and never had time to read) and the church library have held me over just fine. Until tonight.

Tonight I went to the Grand Rapids Public Library, West Side Branch. I had never been there before so when I walked in, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, as soon as I walked in and saw all those books and smelled that distinct library smell, the biggest, geekiest, ear-to-ear grin overtook my face (and I knew it and I still couldn't stop smiling) and that's when I knew. I am a library nerd. I love libraries. Why has it been 4 years since I've been to one!?

The West Side Branch isn't a large library by any means but I still walked up and down every aisle (and smiled the whole time) and they had the book I was looking for and the lady at the desk was kind enough to inform me that I have a 60 cent fine on my card at the Georgetown location (from when?! 2005?). 

Best of all, I got my very own GRPL Library Card. Wahoo!

So much cooler looking than my old Georgetown Library card.
And there's even a little one for my key ring!
Now I can go to the library whenever I want and I can check out books whenever I want. (And I'll have to remember library book due dates. Yikes.) I can only imagine the smile I'll have when I walk in the Main Branch downtown sometime soon! (And then I'll start classes again in August and all this joy will quickly come to a halt. Boo.)

In other news, I signed up on BookSneeze tonight! So as soon as I select my first book, receive it in the mail, and find time to read it - you can expect to see a 200 word book review from me on the blog. Best part about it? I get to keep the book I choose to review! Thanks to Annie for the suggestion!


  1. I love that you are a book nerd. I may have to make use of your GRPL card at some point. Enjoy your summer reading!

  2. I am not so much a library nerd... but i do LOVE to read. For now (and only for 2 more weeks!) My Mom gets all of my books I read :) lol So... I suppose I need to learn how to pick out books for myself! If I lived in GR, we could go to the library together!