Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lucky day.

Looks like a certain [spoiled?] dog in the Bergman house hit the jackpot this week!

A 10 lb. box of Milk-bones and an almost empty peanut butter jar all in one day!

Hmm...I wish someone would bring me a 10 lb. box of M&Ms and an almost empty [er...full?] jar of ice cream. Beacon! Bring me M&Ms! You can't eat them anyways!

If you could have someone bring you a 10 lb. box of anything, what would it be?


  1. a 10 lb. box of cats! For sure... just to see the look on you face... not to be confused with a 10lb. box of kittens... TOTALLY different!
    HAHHA miss you girl!

  2. A 10lb box of CoffeeCoffeeCoffee. Especially if it's free. Then yes please, and thank you. That'd be a deal:)