Friday, February 25, 2011


If I'm a sucker for anything it's a good sale at Hobby Lobby.

Now, if you're a Hobby Lobby frequenter like I am, you know that they often have entire sections of the store listed at 50% off. Today was no exception when it came to the 50% off signs hanging everywhere. But, as I was walking into the store, I saw a sign that proclaimed something even better - an 80% off special clearance section of household decor.

For a brief second I considered refraining myself from walking through the clearance aisles. That's as long as the refraining lasted - a brief second. Here are the sweet deals I found today!

I think they are so great. The best part is that when Rob saw them when he got home he liked them too!

Last night we started to work on the bathroom project. By we, I mean Rob. I tried to start working on the mirror for the bathroom but as we were taking it apart we broke a decorative piece off the corner so I couldn't proceed in the painting process until I got four new decorative wood pieces for the corners (i.e. the REAL reason I went to Hobby Lobby today!).

We continued working tonight and we are both very please with how things are looking so far! So far the ceiling has a two fresh coats of paint (and actually looks white now), everything is taped off and Rob just finished cutting in with the first coat of paint on the walls. I successfully glued the new pieces to the mirror frame and applied two coats of primer to the frame and one coat of primer/one coat of paint to another project I'm working on. Tomorrow we'll move the toilet so we can paint the walls and hopefully we'll have things put back together in time for Jon and Bethany to come over tomorrow night!

I will post pictures of the finished project as soon as it's done, but until then - here's a few pictures from tonight. We've had a great start to our weekend and it's only bound to get better from here. Hopefully the same is true for you and yours!

I promise I know how to focus the camera as nicely as Rob does.
But, he was using the electric sander in the bathroom on some patching he did last night.
When I opened the door to take his picture, this is exactly what I saw: all that fuzziness is dust!

Friday always gives me reason to rejoice. I love it because I get to look forward to a weekend spent with Rob without work and without (much) homework for him. But, thanks to Chapel at Kuyper College today, I was reminded that EVERY day - not just Friday - is made for rejoicing.

"The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad!" 
Psalm 118:22-24


  1. oh my word! I LOVE the new vases! they look so great! (and hard to beat those prices!) Cant wait to see what youve done to the bathroom when I come over on Monday!

  2. I love it! Such a fun Friday night!
    and I can't really tell the whole thing because your hair is pulled back, but I LOVE it! :) So cute cute cute!!!

  3. hobby lobby. oh, how i miss that store! none out here on the west coast! can you believe it?!?